Enjoy the perfect bus travel, renting vehicles in Bus Services in Nuremberg.

We offer only the best new buses of luxury and executive classes for various events and individual trips with very experienced extra class drivers.

Now you can arrange different events and tours independently, in cooperation with Bus Services in Nuremberg, and travel across Germany, enjoying enhanced comfort in the company of friends and colleagues.

Our Available Fleet

Our buses are considered to be the most comfortable and technically perfect. All buses are equipped with toilets, little kitchens with fridges, the Internet, TV, microphones and headphones, climate control, seats, comfortable for sleep, and many other things.

You will lack nothing on the trip, because we have thought of everything to the last detail.

Our drivers are highly trained specialists who are able to find a way out for any unexpected situations, so that customers do not notice even the slightest inconvenience.

We are always happy to come to your aid in all situations on the road if you are stuck because of incompetent actions of other carriers and due to the help of our specialists you will quickly and easily continue your trip.

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