Booking a coach hire France is easy!

Bus-service has made it very easy for you to rent a bus in France. There are three ways in which you can do it, and we are going to describe each of them. Keep in mind that you only have to pick one!
Online request form:
  • Click on the Request Availability and Price button
  • Fill the online form that will appear on the screen
  • We will reply shortly with a service package to offer
Leave an email message:
  • You can find our email address on top of this page
  • Write how many passengers will there be, where to go and when
  • Wait for our reply with the estimate for your group
We also offer a chat in real time:
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  • You may call us or leave us a WhatsApp message
  • Feel free to specify your coach hire requirements

What do I get with my bus rental France?

Event transportation in France

Next time you book a ride with us, all you have to do is inform us of date, time, and location. We can gather everyone from your group and drive them to the venue!

France coach hire for tourism

Bus-service works with a full team of experienced drivers. They know the best places to recommend in case you want a suggestion. And we have bus sizes for all groups!

Exhibition transportation France

Attending exhibitions as a group will be a breeze with us. We can pick everyone from their hotels, drive to the venue on time, and take them back once the event is ended.

Road shows in France

We have the best service for public people. Our coach hire France comes with VIP treatment. Our drivers will handle your transportation with complete discretion!

Church groups in France

Sacre Coeur is only one of the countless churches you can visit in France. Our drivers will find the fastest routes to all of them so you can make the most of your trip day.

France airport transfers

If you book a ride with us, there will be a driver waiting for your travel group right at the arrivals gate. They will escort you into the bus and help you with the luggage.

Coach hire France for sports events

Whether you manage a sports team or lead a group of fans, we’ve got you covered! Bus-service can have you all attend the next match with comfort, agility, and safety.

France private coach hire for conferences

Our company has multiple options to transport your group to a specific conference location. We can create a transportation plan so everyone can reach the venue on time.

Why should I book a coach hire in France?

Effectiveness is the main guideline for us. Bus-service works on many fronts to deliver exceptional service to both tourism and corporate travelers. We know that many companies say that, but we guarantee we can stand out because we have been perfectioning our services over the past years.

Bus-service only hires a new driver if they pass a rigorous selection process. We also apply training courses regularly, so our team stays up to date in terms of VIP etiquette. We do all that because we want to offer nothing but the best professionals in the market to drive you and your travel group. 

Another point you might like is that our buses are never older than five years. Bus-service replaces them frequently to keep the fleet compliant with the latest emissions and safety regulations from European agencies. And the coach hire Paris undergoes strict maintenance at the end of every trip.

Last, but not least, we have the means to offer additional support in case you ever need it. We have an office-based team available at our 24/7 phone line. If anything ever happens before or during the trip, you may call us. We will be happy to assist you with whatever you need from the bus rental France.

Give your team the treat they deserve with Bus-Service Coach and Minibus Hire in France. Contact us now to get started.

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Where can I go with my coach hire France?

In France, tourism is a cornerstone of its economy. It draws millions of visitors year after year, who flock to the region seeking beautiful experiences. The country rewards them with natural beauty of many kinds, rich cultural heritage, and world-renowned cuisine. Parallel to that, it offers landmarks and buildings of many styles, charming villages, and many other attractions that will suit all tastes.

French architecture from the windows of your coach hire France

One of the primary draws for tourists is Paris, usually known as the "City of Light." Paris is home to iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum, as well as picturesque neighborhoods like Montmartre and the Marais. Visitors visit Paris to experience its vibrant culture, exquisite cuisine, and world-class shopping and entertainment for weeks at a time.

Beyond Paris, France boasts a diverse range of attractions, including historic cities, beautiful scenic countryside, and picturesque coastal regions. The Riviera, with its glamorous resorts such as Cannes and Nice, attracts sun-seekers and celebrities alike, while the wine regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne offer wine enthusiasts the chance to sample some of the world's finest examples. 

Sightseeing is a breeze with the mini coach hire France

France’s historical and cultural heritage appear through its many places and landmarks. There is the medieval fortress of Carcassonne, the majestic castles in the Loire Valley, and many others. Visitors can explore centuries of history through architecture and enjoy museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions of other kinds to showcase the country’s rich contribution to art, literature, and science. 

In case you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will be fascinated by France’s landscape: it offers snow-capped peaks of the Alps, sun-drenched beaches of the Mediterranean coast, and everything in between. The countryside allows you to practice hiking and cycling while exploring charming cities and villages, while the Alps bring an opportunity to skiing and snowboarding with plenty of style.

Your bus rental France takes you to all the great restaurants

Last, but not least, keep in mind that France is a world reference in cuisine. You will be able to dine at gourmet locations with Michelin stars, enjoy casual meals at bustling cafés and bistros, and enjoy a unique sensorial experience overall. Many travelers flock to France, especially Paris, precisely to embark on a gorgeous gastronomic experience. Those who do that are literally never disappointed.

As you can see, tourism in France has countless opportunities to provide you with a great time. And Bus-service is there to help: our bus rental France is tailored to assist you in everything, whether an easy initial contact or a memorable ride. France is a top destination for your trip and our company’s coach hire Paris is a top selection for you and your group to have a great time without any concern.
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