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Few Words About Our Course

Nowadays, service quality standards become higher and higher. All of the bus companies are trying to make return clients by offering more than simple transportation. They are trying to become full stuck transportation partners to the client, providing a lot of additional features and of course, a professional driver is the most important part of this. 

From our side, we provide the educational program for drivers, to get all the important knowledge and habits for high-quality service.

Main Topics of Our Course

Uniform Standards

Working as a chauffeur is more, than professional driving. There are certain uniform codes to follow if you are willing to work in VIP-class service. We will gladly share our knowledge about the chauffeur uniform standards. 

Fast Problem-Solving

Clients expect to solve any complications during the bus trip fast. It is not always easy to stay calm and react with confidence. We have great experience in problem-solving, we'll gladly share it with you. 

Working With Different Cultures

Working in an international environment sometimes can be difficult. Culture may differ a lot and what is acceptable for one culture can be a taboo for the other. We are willing to share our great experience in working with diverse cultures.

Safety Driving

What does any client is expecting from a serious charter company? It is safety during transportation. There are many professional driving techniques to learn to offer the safest service to your customer.

What Does The BCS Driver Course Offer?

Training programs for aspiring bus drivers can help them obtain a charter bus driver European service quality level, which is necessary to work in the professional charter field (for example in companies like BCS.)

Some serious employers may require this kind of training.

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