The Made in Maastricht is a parade that will occur between the 14 and 23rd March, 2014. As it is a parade that is mainly about artists, you may be interested in taking part in the same. If you own a company or work for a company that is interested in the parade, you may need to find a good transport service in order to enjoy the parade. A bus charter may be one of the best ways to take part in the parade. This is especially the case if you are going to attend the parade in a group. 

Maastricht Parade-Carnival

Information on bus charters

Bus charters are not that complicated to use. To start with, you will need to know the number of people who will be in your group. If you are ten people, then you will need to make sure you get a bus that will comfortably sit all the members of your group. Once you know the number of group members you have, the next step is finding the right bus charter service. Not all services of this kind will meet your needs. At the same time, some of the companies have better services than others. It is therefore important to make the right choice if you are to enjoy your visit.


Maastricht has many sites to see and attractions to visit. Even if you plan to visit the area because of the parade, you should keep in mind that there are activities you can participate it when the parade is not on. To start with, you decide to go site seeing in the morning of Mondays as this time the parade is off. As this is the case, you will be required to choose a charter service that will have knowledge of various sites and have a driver who can take you to the best sites. The company you choose for the charter service should be able to provide you with a bus driver that is well versed with the best and must see sites in Maastricht.

Once you have gotten a good service, you will need to make a proper itinerary. Without it, you may miss out on some activities that will be going on during the parade. In order to have a good itinerary, you should download the TEFAF parade route. This route will help you have a better understanding of how the parade will go along. Additionally, it will help you look for sites you can visit during the parade. Without the parade route, you risk missing out on some of the best attractions that Maastricht has to offer. 

It is not mandatory to visit all the shops participating in the parade. You may find that some of the artists participating might not have items that interest you. If this is the case, it is crucial to make sure you get the lists of artist that will be performing or showcasing their work. From this list, you can easily rule out the ones that do not interest you and use this information to create a new parade route. Your new TEFAF parade route will give insight on the sights you can see. If you find you have a day or two on your hands, you can request for excursions that will last for the same duration. A good limousine service should be able to provide you with every single excursion or activity that tourist in Maastricht enjoy. This way, you will have the best time of your life in Maastricht.       

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