Planning a bus trip?

Travel bus in Frankfurt happy to please you with our offers.

Certainly bus trips are the most inexpensive and quite convenient kind of travel.

So now such trips are enjoying increasing popularity.

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This is especially true for the winter period, when tourists are in a hurry to spend an unforgettable time at the ski resorts.

Especially for this period, the inhabitants of mountain villages prepare lodges for tourists, and a whole world of outdoor recreation opens.

Travel bus in Frankfurt offers modern comfortable buses, which can accommodate from 14 to 55 tourists.

All buses are in perfect technical condition, clean, cosy, without any odors.

Drivers are experienced professionals who know the terrain and English well.

You can order more than one bus. It is also possible to pick up an accompanying transport for delivery of ski equipment.

Professionals from the Travel bus in Frankfurt are ready to help you compose a route and settle all organizational questions, if you need.

We are also open to negotiiate any new ideas.

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