Nothing is impossible!

Now it's much easier and faster to create your own journey!

Travel bus in Hanover offers an excellent opportunity to make your own tour to a ski resort.

This offer is relevant both for private and corporate clients.

Our Available Fleet

According to your travel plan, your group will be taken from anywhere in Hanover and delivered to the city you need.

You can create your own itinerary and visit some cities interesting for you, but you can ignore them and ask to deliver the group directly to the place of destination.

Travel bus in Hanover provides the opportunity to rent a few buses, as well as buses designed to deliver ski equipment.

All vehicles from our park are almost new, modern, and really comfortable.

On all our buses we have only highly qualified drivers, who know the local terrain well and speak English.

We are ready to support you with information during your entire route.

Also Travel bus in Hanover is a unique opportunity to get expert assistance in organizing travel.

We are also ready to look for compromises and discuss any of your proposals.

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